Kpop Concepts: Spica
I Did It
Juhyun Version

장난해 너 도대체 내가 뭐야? 만만해 어 날 갖고 노는거야?

"Without a doubt, it’s summer! Even though at times he may also look lonely or pitiful (laughs), he’s basically a very energetic and passionate person. More passionate than an ordinary person. His passion suits the summer atmosphere a lot. Yunho is most suited to summer out of all the guys I know." (Changmin about Yunho)

Anonymous asked: I came to your blog. Saw your theme. Decided to use it aswell. But I should leave a compliment for you so I dont feel like a thief hehehe. Flawless blog and url is flawless ~

No problem :) Long as you don’t steal the gif…haha. Thank you so much sweetie!

"If we were impatient, we could’ve released an album with 4 members, but it would be pointless because f(x) will only be complete with 5 members

[HQ] G-Dragon for Chow Tai Fook 932x1400

Kpop Concepts: Spica
I Did It
Jiwon Version

Star1 photoshoot - Hyeri ver.


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"A girl who is greedier than most people. A girl who hates losing more than dying. A girl who has a strange charm that you can’t deny. Bad bad bad bad girls!!”

[Aug 14, 2014] - Kim Woo Bin at Incheon, off to Hong Kong to promote Friend 2